NOSA Soccer History

Northwestern Oklahoma Soccer Association (NOSA) was started 20 years ago to promote soccer in North West Oklahoma. Some of the families involved with getting it started were Owen Laughlin's, Tracy Jividan's, Greg Gains', Wathina and Chuck Luthi's, Tom Eike's, and Bruce Redden's. These families were looking for a way for the kids in this area, to get a chance to play soccer at a higher level. In order to play in tournaments in other cities, we had to become a member of OSA, Oklahoma Soccer Association. With this membership, the players, referees and coaches, were all covered with an insurance policy that gave them a little coverage if something happened. There are also coaching, referee and players clinics offered through OSA.

Kids Inc. allowed NOSA use of their field until we could find some of our own. We would go where ever we could to practice. The City of Woodward allowed NOSA to fix the fields where NOSA now plays. These were nothing but old pastures and weeds. With the hard work of all the families of the players, we turned these fields into the fields we have today. I really want to mention the late Greg Gains, for all the time and love he put into taking these fields from dirt and mud, to what we have today. Families like the Brecklen's, Kindred's, Griffith's, Howard's, Nickel's, Neal's, Ward's, and many more all stepped in and help get this going and have kept it going through all these years.

Teams at NOSA start at U-5 and go up to U-19. These teams are now made up of all boys and all girls teams. We still have a few teams from some of the towns around Woodward who have mixed (co-ed) teams, because of the numbers of players.

There is a Fee to play at NOSA, $ 30.00 per season, per player. NOSA will grant a scholarship to any player who cannot afford this fee.

Sign ups for the teams take place in the fall and spring of each year.  You can check the NOSA website for the latest information including registration dates, information, season schedules and more.

Teams from NOSA have played in all types of tournaments in at least 4 states, and have won a lot of games around those states. Players from NOSA have gone on to play for the Woodward High School teams and some players have even gone on to play at the college level.